school classes

school classes

We warmly welcome school classes and youth groups. The Steinwasen Park is a popular excursion destination with its diverse ride attractions and the spacious animal park and offers a unique fun and nature experience. This is also confirmed by the educational partnership with the Todtnau Community School that has existed since 2008.

Learning outside of everyday school life and in a relaxed atmosphere. In Steinwasen Park you can learn a lot about the Black Forest on a rally through the beautiful park landscape and children can go on a hunt for the animals. Information boards that are designed to be easy for children to understand provide information about which animal is in each enclosure and what special features it has. Why does the reindeer have large snowshoe-like hooves and the domestic red deer have significantly smaller ones? Our feel boxes, which are distributed throughout the park, offer a holistic nature experience across multiple senses. Among other things, you can feel the difference between summer and winter fur.

All impressions can be collected and discussed in the tree house with chairs, which can be reached via two different suspension bridges.

Price for school classes (from 10 students; up to 18 years of age; school certificate required; does not apply to evening schools, language schools and adult education centers; does not apply on weekends and public holidays): €20 per student.

Do you have special requests or do you need more extensive information? Do not hesitate and contact us directly - we are always available to answer your questions or to accept your booking.

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