Facts & figures

Facts & figures

As a nature-loving hunter, entrepreneur Adolf Braun was tempted to set up a wildlife park in the early XNUMXs. He acquired the Steinwasen site on which the rural inn "Zum Steinwasen" stood. The area offers a unique natural scenery and in earlier times the post office was already located here.

When planning and designing the wildlife park, Adolf Braun was supported by recognized wildlife biologists.

Size of the Steinwasen Park: 36 ha


Start of construction of the wildlife park


Opening of the wildlife park


Construction of the "Steinwasen-Stube" inn

In order to increase the economic profitability but also the attractiveness of the Steinwasen Park, the entrepreneur Adolf Braun has continuously invested in the infrastructure of the park and created new attractions and sights.


Construction of the lift and the toboggan runs


Roofing of a toboggan run


Start of construction of the new main building with additional adventure rides such as "Spacerunner" and "Gletscherblitz"


Opening of the entire facility


Opening of the Jurassic Black Forest cinema


Construction of the vantage points, the path to the Feldberg view, redesign of the paths and the appearance


Construction and completion of the longest adventure bridge in the world, entered in the Guinness Book of Records


Construction and completion of the white water attraction "River Splash"


Inauguration of the adventure playground "Schneeburg Steinwasen"


Construction of the tree house on the rainbow trout lake, in which children's birthday parties can also take place


Opening of the 4D cinema with special effects

One focus of the Steinwasen Park is on experiencing nature. 11 different wild mammal species, a variety of different native animal and bird species, a petting zoo, the unique forest and mountain landscape and various lakes round off the unique experience in the Steinwasen Park.

Through the constant expansion of the offer and the consistent implementation of the visions and goals of its founder Adolf Braun, the Steinwasen Park will continue to be one of the outstanding highlights in the Black Forest region in the future.


  • Over 30 different animal species,
  • including 11 different wild mammal species: red deer, chamois, ibex, fallow deer, sika deer, mouflon, reindeer, wild boar, lynx, marmots, raccoons,
  • Various animal and bird species such as ducks, geese, peacocks, quail...,
  • as well as a petting zoo with goats, ponies, rabbits..., as well as rainbow trout.


  • two summer toboggan runs (each 800m, one of which is covered)
  • "Glacier Lightning" (Indoor)
  • "Space Runner" (indoor)
  • "Fabulous Black Forest Railway" (Indoor)
  • 4D cinema (indoor)
  • River Splash - the fascinating white water attraction


  • world's largest adventure suspension bridge (218m long, 30m high)
  • The legend at the Mummelsee
  • ice world
  • Jurassic Black Forest Cinema
  • Children's cinema
  • Back farm chapel
  • Models of Black Forest houses and the Schluchsee hydroelectric power station
  • Children's playground with various play equipment
  • Magnificent walking and hiking trails, including a trail to the "Feldbergblick"
  • Action and show stage "Steinwasen stage"
  • Panorama room (event room)
  • Castle theme playground "Schneeburg Steinwasen"


  • Cafe/restaurant Steinwasen-Stube
  • Steinwasen Park self-service restaurant
  • Kiosk Holderschlag
  • Steinwasen Park snack bar
  • Steinwasen Park kiosk


Free parking (covered parking deck)