The Steinwasen Park offers you a unique fun and nature experience and is an ideal travel and excursion destination for groups of all ages.

We offer reduced admission prices for groups of 20 or more people. Enjoy excellent food and first-class service in our restaurant during your visit to the park.

Adult group (from 16 years; from 20 people): €24

Group of children (4-15 years; 20 people or more): €21,50

Group seniors (60 years and over; 20 people or more): €21,50

School classes (from 10 students; up to 18 years of age; school certificate required; does not apply to evening schools, language schools and adult education centers; does not apply on weekends and public holidays): €20

Groups with disabilities (10 or more paying people): €20,50

Do you have any special requests or do you need further information? Don't hesitate and contact us directly - we are available to answer your questions or accept your booking at any time.

Our bus stop directly at the park offers an optimal connection to the leisure experience. Advance registration with Südbaden Bus GmbH (SBG) is required for larger groups.

Steinwasen Park – information/group bookings

Tel: 07602 944680


Our restaurant “Steinwasen Stube” or the “Panorama Saal” offer ideal rooms for excursion groups, clubs and company and family holidays. For reservations, individual menu suggestions and suitable offers, please contact our restaurateurs:

Steinwasen room

Tel: +0049 7602 930933


panorama hall (up to 250 people)

Tel: 07602 94200 (office in the Waldhotel am Notschreipass)


We are looking forward to your visit.