Info & tips

Info & tips

Newsstand / Shopping

At the park entrance you will find our kiosk for gifts and souvenirs. There is something for everyone here - whether you are looking for a souvenir for yourself or a gift for friends and acquaintances.

Meeting point "Gengenbacher Platz"

The fountain at “Gengenbacher Platz” is an excellent meeting point. If you arrange this meeting point in advance, no one will be lost.


If a child is lost, a park attendant will take them to the main entrance.

Pushchairs can of course be brought to Steinwasen Park. Most of the paths in the park are also easily accessible with a stroller. Please note, however, that we are a nature adventure park and have many “up and down” paths.

Debit card/credit cards/ATMs

At the park cash desk you can pay with an EC card and the most common credit cards (VISA card/Mastercard). An ATM is available at Steinwasen Park.

coin changer

You can change at any time at our cash register at the entrance.

Visitor Information

You can get all the details and information at the entrance desk.

lost and found offices

Have you lost or found something? Please report to the entrance desk.

For people with disabilities

we grant special rates - see information boards at the entrance.

There are wheelchair and disabled toilets in the entrance area and at Gengenbacherplatz. You can find more information for people with disabilities here.


You will find toilets in the entrance area, at Gengenbacher-Platz, at the Holderschlag kiosk and in the Steinwasen Stube restaurant.

baby changing room

At the main entrance, at Gengenbacher-Platz and in the Steinwasen Stube restaurant.

A microwave for heating baby food is also available free of charge in the self-service restaurant.

First aid

First aid is available at the main entrance, at the "Bahnen" ticket office and at the "Gengenbacher-Platz" snack bar. Our employees are available there during opening hours. In emergencies, please always contact our park staff immediately.

dogs in the park

Dogs are allowed in the park on a leash. A dog set is available free of charge at the main entrance.

Eat & drink

There is something here for every taste and budget: Restaurant Steinwasen Stube, snack bar and the Kiosk Holderschlag. There are also benches and tables in the park for a cozy picnic.


There is a sign in front of each facility in the park detailing safety precautions and restrictions. In some facilities, children are only allowed to ride if they are of a minimum size and age. These safety regulations are specified by TÜV and must be strictly observed. Please note the information.

Not all trails in our park are paved. Depending on the weather, there is a risk of slipping. Please bring sturdy shoes with you.


Out of consideration for your fellow human beings, smoking is prohibited in all waiting areas. Thanks very much!