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Red Deer

The Central European subspecies of red deer is the largest game animal living in our forests, and thus, of Steinwasen Park. They require a large habitat with favorable nutritional conditions like grasses, herbs, field crops and berries, tree bark, green leaves and young shoots. The rutting season takes place from early September to mid-October. Then, at night, you can hear the loud roar of the deer. In late May or June, females produce one and very rarely two offspring. The deer in Steinwasen Park produced abundant offspring this year. The stags have antlers which are shed each year, usually at the end of winter, and start growing, even more impressively, in spring

Rut of the red deer, mating season in the red deer enclosure (from mid-September to mid- October)

The world’s 4th-biggest deer species celebrates its mating in Steinwasen Park. Visitors may hear the impressive roar of the male deer used to establish dominance and to compete for females with other males during the rut